Book: Producing the Internet – Critical Perspectives of Social Media

Should contemporary media culture be understood as a culture that offers unprecedented freedom for producing participators – so-called “produsers”, or should it rather be understood as a culture in which various forms of user participation in fact are conditioned, or even manufactured, by organized, professional producers?

The contributions to this book add to our critical understanding of these new forms of media. They all draw on various theoretical concepts – such as producers, community, and participation – used when analysing media culture. But they also share a critical interest in problematizing and analysing the forms of power built into this culture.

Editor: Tobias Olsson

Publisher: Nordicom, 2013

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Selected chapter titles:

  • Social Media and Capitalism
  • Dirty Work. Why Journalists Shun Reader Comments
  • Transmedia Storytelling and a Young Audience. Public Service in the Blogosphere Era

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